Welcome to our new on-line home!

As we approached the 2021 riding season, we began to envision a better way to promote and support riding as both a club and as individual riders.  We began to envision this website as a hub to communicate, plan, coordinate, and advertise our activities as a club, fostering a sense of community for bicyclists at all levels of interest, skill, and fitness.

Let’s take a quick tour – starting on this home page.

This space is a blog; it will change periodically and may include multiple articles.   As with each of our blogs, if you click it you can comment – please do – tell us what you think – this is your web site!

In the black bar at the top of each page is our email address,.  Click it to ask a question, send feedback, or introduce new ideas.  Next is a direct link to our face book group and a link to our new Instagram site.  We need an Instagram maven to step up and help organize it – please done be shy.

On the right side are some critical links.

  • First the Meetup Calendar, listing up coming rides in chronological order.  If you are not enrolled, please sign up at Meetup.com at no cost to you.
  • What’s New is a suggestion for something of special interest.  For the first few months of this riding season it will highlight Ride with GPS which will enable active (paid) club members to download routes for turn-by-turn direction using a smart phone or bicycle computer.
  • Featured Ride is a suggestion for a route you may enjoy as an individual or in a small group.  Initially this year we will highlight new rides out of Chaney’s Dairy Barn on 31 W South; Freeman Park in Plano; and Ed Speer Park In Smith’s Grove.
  • Ride with GPS: click to link to the BGLOB library of 1000 plus miles to ride close to home
  • Facebook: Share your ideas and accomplishments with our Facebook Group
  • Road Bike in Kentucky is a wonderful resource to enjoy this unique environment for bicyclists.
  • League of American Bicyclists offers more information about our great sport

Along the top are tabs to take you to areas of interest.

  • About Us tells who we are, bylaws, reports – includes a great video done by members last year that highlights riding in South Central Kentucky.
  • 2021 Challenge explains our 2021 challenge to get back in the saddle, individually, in small groups, and in club rides – sign up and be a part of it!
  • Safety and Education is a product of our new our new standing committee – a good place to find videos and other tips about riding.
  • Bike Talk is more conversational and includes a changing set of blogs and articles to discuss how we ride and why we love it.
  • Membership is a short page about what you get by being a member and how to join.
  • Events lists only major club events this year and featured rides put on by near by clubs that may be of interest.

In 1994, bicyclists formed BGLOB and today it continues in its mission to promote recreation, health and mobility through cycling and cycling-related activities.  Today we are proud to be keepers of that tradition.

Remember, all of our BLOGS can be commented on by clicking them and making a comment.

And any time you have a question, email us by clicking on the icon on the right or simply remembering bglob.ky@gmail.com.