Wow, it’s July and the PIG Ride made history – After watching that news clip we should nominate Belle Thomas for Mayor of Glasgow!  Thank you Belle and Thank You WBKO!

As Spring came to a close, we followed up on a huge success at South Union with a more intimate members only pizza ride at Trek the Track, a very successful first ever Berrylicious Ride, an appearance with RideWalkBG touring new bike paths and networking the community, continuing Sunday Sunrise for those who can actually get out of bed early on Sunday, and the Pig Ride with 50 plus attendees.  Was great to see all the Triathletes who were present at the beginning – then whoosh! Gone! and great to have hosted delegations from Litchfield and E’town.

2021 Challenge is halfway over – are you halfway to your goal?  Amy Disparte is halfway, Chriss Platt probably is but has not added her numbers, I am lagging!   Hop on Facebook and tell us where you are!

Looking past July 4th, we have an ice cream ride in July and a new, very nice “brunch ride” from Schochoh to a Mennonite “SAG” in Corinth – a lovely deli/store – be sure to bring a few pesos to pay for your brunch!  And we are always looking for people with a particular passion (or a desire to help) to post a ride on Meetup – if you have an interest respond at or click on this blog and comment.

The heat of summer is upon us and will be with us well into September.  Last month, in response to two people “bonking” during Shake Ride and Roll, we posted an article “Hydration Tips for Cyclists” giving good advice on how much to drink during a ride and we noted the importance of electrolytes.  Did you know that 60% of our bodies is good old H2O?  Why is all that water there?  Our feature this month is a short article about what all that water does to keep our bodies functioning efficiently.  No wonder we bonk when we do not hydrate!

Fide with GPS: We have added four great rides to Ride with GPS, the Berrylicious 28, The BG Cycling June Bug 2021 Metric Century from Oakland, a clever and fun Boyce 28 from Freeman Park, and a Chaney’s 22 as a perhaps safer alternative to the Chaney’s 20.  That gives us more than 1400 miles in our club library.  If you have a favorite ride to add email it to us please.

BGLOB will field a delegation to the “Jack and Back” MS fund raiser again this year – a great ride October 16-17.  See our Major Events page for more information or contact Diane Moats at

BGLOB is making an impressive “come back” after a rough year.  Your board is committed to using the experience of last year to grow beyond simply returning to what was.  Hence the emphasis on social media, small rides, and emerging leaders of all kinds.

Ride On!