The 2021 Challenge is a challenge to each participant to achieve a mileage goal in 2021


2021 Challenge, complete 2,021 miles

1000 Mile Challenge, complete 1000 miles – roughly 20 miles a week.

Your Goal: Set a personal Goal – you decide – stretch yourself as we work to get back to “normal” in 2021.


We will design a special BGLOB Tee Shirt for those who achieve a goal of 1011 miles or more.  To qualify for the Tee Shirt you must be a member in good standing (dues paid).

Who can participate?

Any bicyclist can participate.

What counts?

All miles on a bicycle – any kind of bicycle over any course.  If you ride a marked route (e.g. Chaney’s 20) your miles are as marked.  If you are not on a marked route you will need a smart phone app or a riding computer to track your distance.

All miles on a stationary bike (yep, the kind that doesn’t go anywhere) count for these cold wet winter days.  Most relatively modern stationary bikes will calculate miles.  If yours does not calculate miles, give yourself credit for 12 miles per hour and do the math.

Some of you already have some miles logged, you may count them on the honor system.


Register at

Make your commitment public on our Facebook Group: Bowling Green League of Bicyclists and share your progress.

Keep records of your progress using an app like Ride with GPS, or a paper diary, or anything in between; and periodically report your progress.  Report your final results at 


Wow results are coming in!

Amy Disparte reported crossing the 1000 mile threshold; Chris Platt is there also.

How are YOU doing?  Let us know on Facebook.


2021 Challenge Video

To Register for the 2021 Challenge, click here.

Getting Ready

This year we have opened a club membership in Ride with GPS.  By downloading the basic (free) membership you can access the BGLOB library of surveyed routes.  To date that is more than 800 miles of rides in Warren, Logan, Simpson, and Edmundson Counties.

We are restoring our traditional “painted” routes using Dan Henry markings.  We are painting (priority one) Freeman Park, 4 rides; Chaney’s, 3 rides; and Ed Speer Park (Smith’s Grove), 3 rides.

Final Report

To submit your final report, Click Here.