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The purpose of the Club is to promote recreation, health and mobility through cycling and cycling-related activities.

The website is under-construction to set the stage for a great 2020 season.  The leadership team has been meeting to develop a ride calendar – to exploit new things we tried this year, and to create some more creative ways to  promote and enjoy cycling in our community.If you would like to be a part of that effort – with planning and/or with execution – please reply using the email address above.

As Fall Approaches …

As fall approaches it is time to focus on our goals for the year and great rides coming up. Our annual fund raiser, The Don Davis Middleton Metric, is a “go” for Saturday, September 18.  You can learn more and register using the box directly above this blog.  You can also sign up on Meet-up and link to registration and payment from the Meet-up page. We always need helpers for a ride like the DDMM.  If you would like to help with registration, SAG set up, the bicycle sweeps (last riders), or any other task, please email the ride committee at The featured Dan Henry (painted...

Summer Time and It’s Hot!

Wow, it’s July and the PIG Ride made history - After watching that news clip we should nominate Belle Thomas for Mayor of Glasgow!  Thank you Belle and Thank You WBKO! As Spring came to a close, we followed up on a huge success at South Union with a more intimate members only pizza ride at Trek the Track, a very successful first ever Berrylicious Ride, an appearance with RideWalkBG touring new bike paths and networking the community, continuing Sunday Sunrise for those who can actually get out of bed early on Sunday, and the Pig Ride...

Shakertown – Blueberries – and Independence Day

Shake Ride and Roll is back with 120 participants plus 10 support staff last Saturday.  Riders came from all over the Kentucky and nearby states in a clear sign that bicyclists are back on the road for major events.  Many thanks to co-chairs Laura and Sally and to all who participated or who joined in supporting the ride.  A more comprehensive report is on Fb. BGLOB Gear for 2021 is available for ordering.  We have available the traditional red and black club outfits that we have used for several years and the newer blue and yellow sets.  Items include short sleeve and sleeveless jerseys,...

Moving into Prime Riding Season!

Memorial Day - the traditional First Day of Summer is upon us and we have updates some important notices:   Check Featured Rides for recommendations originating from Chaney's Dairy Barn and for the 30 mile from Ed Speer Park (which also happens to end at an ice cream shop!   Safety and Education includes a new video explaining why you bicycle actually helps you keep it from falling over!  Ok, its a bit geeky - but very cool!   And don't forget the return of our annual Shake Ride and Roll to benefit South Union Shaker Village on Saturday June 12.  Details are listed under the...


Welcome to our new on-line home! As we approached the 2021 riding season, we began to envision a better way to promote and support riding as both a club and as individual riders.  We began to envision this website as a hub to communicate, plan, coordinate, and advertise our activities as a club, fostering a sense of community for bicyclists at all levels of interest, skill, and fitness. Let’s take a quick tour – starting on this home page. This space is a blog; it will change periodically and may include multiple articles.   As with each of our blogs, if you click it you can comment – please...

What’s New

Check Out Safety and Education Post on What to do in Case of an Accident


Bike Talk Tips That Make Cycling More Fun

Featured Rides

Enjoy the Freeman Park 20 or Check Out the new Woodburn to Auburn/Cool Breeze Deli on RwGPS

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